Mirrors_SmallEver heard of The Tomorrow Project? This is what it says about itself.

What kind of future do you want to live in? What future do you want to avoid? The Tomorrow Project explores our possible futures through fact-based, science-based fiction and video conversations with scientists and science fiction authors, legends and world renowned experts, passionate advocates and everyday people.  Science fiction gives all of us a language so that we can have a conversation about the future and these conversations make dramatic changes.

In collaboration with ARC, a digital quarterly from the makers of New Scientist, The Tomorrow Project organises short story competitions. A story of mine was one of the winners of their most recent competition, with the theme “Is the future friendly?” The story is called Mirrors.

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3 Responses to Mirrors

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  2. Sarah Salway says:

    Can’t get through on that link, Charles, so did a search (am I sounding like a stalker?). Here’s another – http://uk.tomorrow-projects.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Mirrors_CharlesLambert.pdf. Great story!

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