All These Little Worlds

Volume Two of the new series of short story anthologies produced by The Fiction Desk is now available. Its name is All These Little Worlds and you really ought to buy a copy, if you haven’t already subscribed (the wiser option…). The fact that I have a story in this one, as I did in the first – and no, you can’t have too much of a good thing – means that I can’t do a proper review, so I’ll just say that the first review to arrive says the collection is even better than the first one. Here’s a taste of it:

All These Little Worlds doesn’t disappoint; it’s a more assured collection than its predecessor, with a set of funny and poignant stories that flag up the Fiction Desk series as one to keep an eye upon in the coming years.

Oh yes, and Scott Pack has some nice things to say about my contribution here.

The next volume will be out in the new year, which would make an annual subscription an ideal Christmas gift now, wouldn’t it?

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