Little Monsters returns!

This is getting better and better. Bookeywookey (subtitle: LITERATURE GOOD AND BAD, THEATER,AND NEUROSCIENCE….NO REALLY), who wrote the excellent review of Any Human Face mentioned in the previous post, has turned his critical eye on Little Monsters. To flattering effect. Here’s a preview:

Lambert writes of the pain of existential longing with a knowing heart and a sure, forceful pen. He knows, as one character says to another in Little Monsters, that ‘people are not simple,’ and that’s why I loved this beautiful novel. I feel I’ve discovered a deep well in Lambert. Sometimes his work evokes Hermann Hesse for me, although he is less of an innocent.

If I needed any encouragement to work on my next novel (though I don’t), this would certainly provide it. Thank you, Ted.
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1 Response to Little Monsters returns!

  1. Ted says:

    I'm always glad to share my honest praise – write away. I'm looking forward.

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