Rome launch

Well, Any Human Face is now officially launched in its home city of Rome, in the Trastevere studio of Paola Casalino, just round the corner from the setting of the first chapter and a five minute walk from Andrew Caruso’s first cold-water garret. I had a wonderful time and I hope everyone else did. You can see some photos of the event, taken by my friend Maika, here. I’ll be posting a short film very soon…

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3 Responses to Rome launch

  1. IZ says:

    I'm so glad it went well, Charles. I'd have loved to be there, too, and in fact I was all keen on coming and taking Nina along, but she had some vaccine shots in the morning and then developed quite a fever in the afternoon, so no book launch and no olives for either of us 😦 But I still wish you and Any Human Face oodles of success.

  2. Yes, I'm sorry you didn't make it, and sorrier that Nina didn't feel too well. I'm sure you'd both have enjoyed the olives, and I hope the launch as well!

  3. Nik Perring says:

    Thrilled to hear it went well, Charles! Congrats!

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