It’s out!

Any Human Face goes on sale today. You know what to do. (Pushy, right?) If you’re in the UK and don’t have a good independent bookseller within reach, then Amazon is probably your best bet. Outside the UK, try Book Depository or CDWoW, where it appears to be temporarily out of stock due to high demand (hmm). And if you’re in Rome and can’t wait until the launch on 27 May (more details later), pop in to the Almost Corner Bookshop, Via del Moro, Trastevere… Go on, make my day. (Perhaps inappropriate, Ed.)

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6 Responses to It’s out!

  1. Rob Spence says:

    Hurrah! Book Depository delivers free worldwide, and seems to be UK based, and it's a whole penny cheapear with them, so I think UK readers without an independent alternative can go to them.

  2. Sounds good to me, Rob. I'd certainly prefer people to shop at BD – I can't remember the last book I bought from Amazon…

  3. Congratulations, Charles!

  4. Marina says:

    Charles ho letto subito la tua novella, la sera stessa del nostor incontro poi riletta e riletta ancora.Enigma,mistero,passione, solitudine, beffa,illusione tanti elementi amalgamati da una lingua perfetta, essenziale eppur vibrante, suggestiva.Jasper, come tutti gli animali, è più che umano, l'unico che ha intuito e capito…è il vero protagonista!non solo mi è piaciuta ma vorrei leggerne altre.un abbraccioMarina

  5. Thanks, Elizabeth!E che ti posso dire, Marina, oltre a grazie! Di cuore! Ci vediamo (spero) il 27…

  6. Congratulations, very much looking forward to reading it. Ordered through Amazon UK – only because someone kindly bought me a gift certificate some time ago. All the best.

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