Foot and mouth disease

I’ve been on the point of writing something about the whole paedophile scandal for a couple of weeks now, but really, why bother? The Vatican is doing such a good job of shooting itself in the foot – yes, that’s right, the one it’s managed to jam into its own mouth – that additional comment from me seems superfluous. Let them get on with it, say I. Ratzinger and his gang of frocked deniers have managed to anger just about everyone and mollify no one so far, something I’d never have dreamed of achieving with my own humble sniping from my own very small rooftop 100 miles away from Ground Control by the Tiber.

So I’m not even going to comment on the latest nonsense from a certain Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone (seen here with friends), who claims that a clear link has been found between paedophilia and homosexuality but not between paedophilia and celibacy (except perhaps to point out that if you’re celibate, darling, you’re not having sex with anyone). In fact, the only clear link I can find in this whole sad business is the one between a bunch of frightened old men whose authority is being challenged and the spouting of malicious bullshit.

And that’s not a comment. That’s science.

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1 Response to Foot and mouth disease

  1. Anonymous says:

    Again you are dead on. I am German and can confirm that even the staunchy mainstream media has snapped out of bowing in front of Mr Ratzinger and his evil carnival troupe.

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