Pickles returns!

The Sanremo Song Festival started its annual five-day occupation of RAI Uno last night, with the usual mix of old lags and young hopefuls, people with talent and people with friends, songs we’ll be hearing on the radio all summer and songs that are so utterly dreadful they’ll barely make it through to the final on Saturday evening, international stars (the unlikely pairing of Susan Boyle and Dita Von Teese) and indigenous celebrities – last night’s guest was the charisma-lite footballer Antonio Cassano, who seems to think he’s James Dean but is closer to Robin Askwith after the charm has been removed. His mother, in the audience, was apparently worried that someone might steal her mink, perfectly understandable given that she was surrounded by the nomenklatura of the RAI in all its brazen-faced finery.

But the best bit of the show was what happened when Antonella Clerici announced the arrival of Pupo (don’t ask) and Emanuele “Pickles” Filiberto, along with a rather good tenor no one had heard of. At the mere mention of the appalling ex-heir to the Italian ex-throne a good proportion of the audience burst into spontaneous jeering, whistles, catcalls, etc. And they hadn’t even heard the song! Some time ago I forecast that the grubby halfwit, after winning Italy’s Dancing with the Stars, would be starring on Fop Idol. This was meant to be a joke. Given the speed with which satire is overtaken by reality in Berlusconistan (thank you, Wendell), I’ll be more careful in the future. And if you’d like to hear the song, winningly entitled Italia amore mio, you can do so here. It’s already been eliminated from the festival itself, so this may be your only chance.

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6 Responses to Pickles returns!

  1. That's some bad song, Harry.

  2. It's as though someone had set to music all the meaningless electoral posters were currently surrounded by. Mind you, I love the bit when he mentions 'cultura'…

  3. hdk says:

    ANSA.it: Sanremo, ripescati Pupo, principe e ScanuMy husband greeted me at the breakfast table today with this exhilarating news. Reminds us of the joke about the Yokel, the Italian and the Mafia at the duck fight.

  4. hdk says:

    PS sorry… at the cock fight, not the duck fight… you can edit if you want Charles.

  5. I don't believe it! At least Cutugno's still out, but I'm sorry – and surprised – Nino D'Angelo wasn't saved. Did they disconnect all Neapolitan telephones?(And I don't know the joke…)

  6. hdk says:

    How do you recognize a Yokel at a cock fight?He brings a duck.How do you recognize an Italian at a cock fight.He bets on the duck.How do you know if the Mafia is involved at a cock fight?The duck wins.

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