Love came down

Are you enjoying the latest cat-fight as much as I am? I’m talking about the one between the Vatican and the Northern League, after Roberto Calderoli, minister for simplification (and they don’t come much simpler than Calderoli) criticised Milan’s Cardinal Tettamanzi. Tettamanzi upset Calderoli by suggesting that in God’s sight all men were equal, or something equally inflammatory, and forgot to add that obviously he wasn’t referring to those born outside the mythical state of Padania, where men are men and have tigers in their garden, not to speak of she-bears and the odd wild pig. Calderoli’s the man on the left. He’s the man who took off his shirt on TV to reveal an anti-Islamic tee-shirt and then ran crying to Mummy when the Muslim world reacted badly, the way bullies always do when their bluff is called. He says that it isn’t the job of priests to ‘be political’. You know, the old ‘Give to Caesar’ line.Which didn’t stop the Lega drawing on the Vatican’s persuasive powers when it came to throwing out the idea of living wills in this country, or getting on its high horse about ‘Christian traditional values’ when the EU told Italy to take its crucifixes out of the classroom. Well, Roberto, one of those traditional values you hold so dear is hospitality to strangers, not clubbing them over the head and deporting them to Libya. Christianity isn’t just for Christmas, Caldy. And I don’t just mean White Christmas.

Mind you, Tettamanzi’s words would ring a little truer if the Vatican bank weren’t under investigation for money laundering.
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