A dark, fast-paced story…

Amazon has just posted the cover of my next novel, published by Picador in May 2010, which makes it feel oddly official. Here it is. You can pre-order from the big boys here and from Book Depository, at a lower price and with free delivery, here. No pressure, obviously.

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4 Responses to A dark, fast-paced story…

  1. Ms Baroque says:

    Hey, I LOVE the cover! Really different from the last one (which I also loved) – much different positioning. Very exciting and I'll order mine… Just think, what a couple of years can do! (I mean both of us) xx

  2. Thank you! And yes, I'm definitely being repositioned. I've gone from Jodi Picoult to Ian Rankin in two shakes of a publicist's tail. The great thing is that the cover really does capture the spirit of the book! And I'm not just saying this… You'll see…

  3. Anne says:

    Looks exciting! Fab cover. I thought Little Monsters was a real page-turner, and there are few things more delicious to read than a literary page-turner. I don't read many novels these days but this will be one. And where will you be positioned next? Your fans are wondering, dizzily.

  4. I'd like to hold this new position for as long as I can, to be honest. Particularly if it's rewarded by Rankin-like sales…

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