Button up

The France Soir correspondent in Rome, Ariel Dumont, has just been sacked for being anti-Berlusconian. This isn’t what the paper says, of course. The editor talks about the need to rationalise its overseas representation for reasons of budget and denies any pressure from the newspaper’s owner. France Soir is controlled by 23-year-old Alexander Pugachev, the son of the Russian oligarch Sergei Pugachev, the 605th richest man in the world, ex-Chekhist and close friend of Putin. Berlusconi, by sheer coincidence, is also a close friend of Putin, in what passes for friendship among people of this sort.

By further coincidence, the newspaper has also sacked Natalie Ouvaroff, its Moscow correspondent, who has been less than gentle recently with the feisty bare-chested salmon wrestler from St. Petersburg, the man whose reputation may not be besmirched, or else. The dinky badge to the right, by the way, belongs to the KGB ans may once have adorned young Vlad’s lapel, or wherever they used to wear these things.

Still, things could be worse. Getting the sack isn’t much fun, but it’s better than being shot in the head.
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2 Responses to Button up

  1. Durando says:

    Would love a lapel pin like this. Would compliment the one I already wear for the French Colonial Troops…

  2. You could always apply for a job at France Soir – they may have a few to spare… (jobs and lapel pins)

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