That’s what Christmas is about

Thank you for this, Adult Christianity.
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6 Responses to That’s what Christmas is about

  1. Addiction says:

    Halloween is coming up. My kids are very excited to go trick or treating. Right now the drug world is so crazy so I don't even know if I want to take my kids trick or treating. I heard that people put meth that looks like candy inside of little packages and give them out to kids. They look just like candy and kids don't know any better so they eat it and they could die.

  2. Well, that's certainly worrying, Addiction (lovely name!), though its link with this video escapes me. Unless you're suggesting that all festivals get subverted one way or another…

  3. Disturbingly funny. Please tell me they are just very good actors?

  4. Well, the jury seems to be out on whether this is genuine or not, but there's something very authentic about the boy. I was there, many years ago, but I can still recognise it.

  5. Ms Baroque says:

    Well, I fail to see why some crazed addict would waste drugs on a bunch of unsuspecting little kids. Back in my day it was razor blades in apples – and even at the age of eight it occurred to me to wonder how you could GET a razor blade into an apple without leaving a little slice, which would turn brown at the edges…This mother scares me. VERY unpleasant. I agree, the kid is authentic. But: I know Christmas is about the Baby Jesus, but aren't presents about Santa?

  6. It's all about Santa in my house, Ms Baroque! Although having seen Bob Dylan's new Santa-inspired video I'm wondering if it might not be wiser to stick to my Amazon wishlist (available on request)…

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