Sniff, sniff

First item on the lunchtime news programme on RAI 1 today was a hurriedly organised photo opportunity for Berlusconi and Benedict 16 at Rome’s second airport. B16 said it was a ‘joy’ to see Berlusconi, who responded with a cheesy grin and a comment about ‘racing through the air’ to greet the befrocked one, as though he’d flown there under his own steam, and not in a ruinously polluting plane of the kind he normally uses to shift his harem from one villa to the next. You’d have expected B16 to follow up this greeting with a few words on his latest edict (the word bull comes to mind, although it isn’t immediately associated with papal), the one about the havoc wreaked on children by divorce and extended families. I’d have thought that a fair amount of havoc had been wreaked on children by catholic priests, but that’s by the by. Still, there he was, the supreme head of the catholic church and noted theologian, tête a tête with a head of state, a divorced man who’s about to be divorced by his second wife for consorting with minors, a man with a family so extended its limits remain unknown, a man who apparently phoned his pimp in Bari at least ten times a day before said pimp hit fan. Which moral figurehead would miss a chance like that to set a poor erring sinner on the straight and narrow? Well, B16 for one.

They talked about the credit crunch.
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