You may be wondering why I haven’t posted photographs of Saturday’s Pride in Rome. Well, it’s simple. I was visiting my mother in England and had muddled up the dates. (How gay is that?) But I have it on good authority (Peter’s) that it went off well, despite the shameful ‘confusion’ about route, only sorted out four days before the event. The photograph in the national section of Repubblica shows a rather fetching young man in loincloth and stigmata and presumably refers to some archaic gay ritual I haven’t come across in my extensive reading. Others, better informed, are shocked. There’s the usual confusion about numbers: 300,000 according to the organisers, two old queens and a poodle according to the police. Whether it served its purpose, assuming one knew what that was, I don’t know, but I’m sorry I missed it. Still, I’ve been through the snaps I posted from last year’s event and that of 2007 and thought I’d revive a few favourites. Here they are.

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5 Responses to Pride

  1. nmj says:

    I like the guy with the Totti T-shirt. He – Totti – may not be the brightest man, and I know he spat on a Danish player once, but he is SO handsome!

  2. Kay Sexton says:

    I'm loving that gladiator …

  3. Each to his – and her – own! I once sat next to Totti in a restaurant in Rome and he was literally covered with young women… Unfortunately, I've never been close to a gladiator, and certainly not one as buffed as the one in the photo. I must be honest, though -I'm really a chunky little calves man, with or without tattoo.

  4. Erin O'Brien says:

    I love the brunette chick in heels and shorts.

  5. Looking again, I'm getting fonder and fonder of the one with the nice smile and the orange tee-shirt..

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