Democracy at work

Children and religion. Following on from the post below, it seems that not only the Dalai Lama doesn’t get it. A scientific high school in Cesena, in Emilia Romagna, has suspended one of its maths teachers for two months without pay. Why? Because he distributed a questionnaire to 70 of his students asking them which they’d prefer to study: catholicism, the history of religions, or human rights. Most of the kids chose human rights (65%), followed by history of religions (24%). That left a mere 11% into catholicism. This didn’t go down at all well with the local scholastic authorities, who demanded a six-month suspension of the offending teacher, Alberto Marani, a period that was subsequently reduced to two. The full story, for Italian readers, can be found here. Among the readers’ comments is one from an ex-student who claims that the school is effectively run by Opus Dei, which makes Marani’s act not just culturally relevant but also a gesture of reckless, exemplary folly. All power to him.

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3 Responses to Democracy at work

  1. Bizarre. Arguably the most compelling lesson in all three topics the kids could have received. They've just watched a mini re-run of Galileo.Do you get the feeling there's a public relations Jesuit in Vatican City thumping his head repeatedly against a gold lectern and shouting "I am not a miracle worker! I am just a priest! You people are NOT HELPING…!"

  2. Absolutely! But there's a feeling that whatever they do, however many cock-ups they make, they're somehow safe. A situation I imagine Gordon Brown seriously envies right now.

  3. Anne says:

    Word verification here: mundi. I just wanted to stop by and record that.

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