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Just in case

Just in case you weren’t quite convinced by the short piece in the Bookseller a couple of weeks ago, here’s confirmation from my agent, the wonderful Isobel Dixon of Blake Friedmann, that Picador really have bought my new novel. That’s … Continue reading

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As someone who has purchased…

Another wacky recommendation from Amazon: As someone who has purchased or rated Flush: A Biography (Oxford World’s Classics) by Virginia Woolf, you might like to know that Letters to a Love Rat is now available.   The mail continues with snippets from reviews of others … Continue reading

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Chi mi ama mi segua

I don’t want to sound like Berlusconi but I was beginning to develop a bit of a Christ complex. Not because I’m disrespected, as the capo dei capi might say, but because every time I looked to see how many … Continue reading

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Berlusca at stool

If you’d like to see lots more of these and you’re on Facebook, join the group Brinda con Papi. You won’t regret it.

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Talking about the kind of odd things logarithms can throw up, the banner ad on my gmail page at the moment offers me a quick link to “Toop Exhumation Services – The most experienced exhumation company in the UK.” As … Continue reading

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Rainforest fever

I’ve had some pretty weird recommendations from Amazon before but this one takes the biscuit. ‘As someone who has purchased or rated Brideshead Revisited’, I’m now being offered a discount on the new James Kelman. I’m sorry? What next? As … Continue reading

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All hail, all hail

Two interesting news items in the Italian press today. The first says that Freedom House, which evaluates press freedom throughout the world, has classified Italy as ‘partly free’. It’s at 71st place, alongside Benin and Israel, a surprisingly high position … Continue reading

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Author is gobsmacked, over the moon, er

Well, it’s official. Click here for details.

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