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Strano is as Strano does

The name of the caterwauling, gesticulating oaf with the slice of mortadella hanging from his lips is Nino Strano, the place – alas! – is the Italian senate. Nino Strano is insulting Romano Prodi and his supporters in the way … Continue reading

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I’d just like to point you towards an excellent review for Little Monsters from The Fiction Desk. This may be the first time that my moustache has been called out in a review, and it’s certainly the first time the … Continue reading

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Press freedom in a democracy. Lesson one.

Dario Franceschini, the new PD leader, though probably not for long, suggested  a couple of days ago that the unemployed should receive some kind of indemnity payment from the government. I thought they already did, or at least had the right … Continue reading

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Ave fellow thugs

The back in the middle of this picture belongs to someone called Don Giulio Tam. He defines himself as an ‘itinerant Jesuit’ but he’s actually one of the gang of break-away catholic traditionalists, headed by Lefebvre and recently re-admitted to … Continue reading

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These two sheep, plump and sloping out of the wind as they head over the brow of the hill, are a wonderful shorthand for a bucolic life the people who commissioned this painting – closed order nuns – had probably … Continue reading

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A wheel within a wheel

This is a convent wheel, currently in the Santa Chiara museum in Naples. I’d never seen one before. It was used in the convents of closed orders, whenever communication with the rest of the world was required. The nun would … Continue reading

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