If you’re wondering a) what the odd little widget to the right, the one with the numbers and the blue bar, is all about, and b) why my contributions to this blog are so erratic these days, well, there’s one answer to both. I’m working on a new novel, entitled ANY HUMAN FACE, my progress on which is being measured by the aforesaid widget. (The figure of 85,000 is a purely hypothetical final word count.) Everything else is being pushed to one side. But believe me, it will be worth it. And, meanwhile, please don’t give up on me – keep dropping in (if only to see how many more words I’ve written). I’m sure I’ll find time to express irritation about any number of things before the novel’s finished and I resume normal service. Be warned, Ratzy! 

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7 Responses to Apologies

  1. Rob Spence says:

    Less than 25k to go, eh? My man Burgess reckoned on about 2000 words a day, so, see you in a fortnight then? You’ll be handily placed to fulminate about Easter…:-)

  2. Well, Burgess didn’t have 40,000 words of report editing and a full teaching schedule, so I think you’ll need to cut me a little slack, Rob. Let’s say a month, shall we? When is Easter?

  3. Rob Spence says:

    True – though he did probably write a symphony in the afternoon.Easter is in about four weeks- 12th April is Easter Sunday, a busy time for Ratzy, one imagines.

  4. Nik's Blog says:

    Best of luck with it. Power to your typing fingers!Nik

  5. IZ says:

    I wanted to say Best of Luck!, but I see I’ve been beaten. Well, Luck of Best! Or maybe Alè, oo-oo.

  6. Kay Sexton says:

    Good for you – I’d never be brave enough to let people see my sporadic, often pathetic and sometimes neurotic writing schedule. On the other hand, I could lie, couldn’t I? Which I’m sure you’re not doing …

  7. Thanks for your encouragement…I just like making things difficult for myself, Kay! And yes, I am being – and promise to continue being – totally honest…

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