Ave fellow thugs

The back in the middle of this picture belongs to someone called Don Giulio Tam. He defines himself as an ‘itinerant Jesuit’ but he’s actually one of the gang of break-away catholic traditionalists, headed by Lefebvre and recently re-admitted to the fold by Ratzinger. He looks as though he’s calling for order or maybe directing traffic in this picture, but what he’s actually doing is making a Roman salute, the kind Mussolini made fashionable all those years ago, to a group of right-wing extremists (sorry, Forza Nuova) in Bergamo. What with Archbishop Robinson et al, it looks as though, for the Vatican, blackshirts are the new black. 

These must be prayer sticks.

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2 Responses to Ave fellow thugs

  1. Nik's Blog says:

    Makes me feel particularly sick. Ugh.

  2. He’s one of many, Nik. And I’ve just realised I got the name of the holocaust-denying bishop wrong. Well, we all make mistakes…

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