Italy, il bel paese

Just in case you can’t see. the first knob provides condoms, the second a throw-away lighter and the third those generously large cigarette papers for people who like a long, cool smoke. The dispensing machine is outside my local newsagents and must have smoothed out many an otherwise bumpy evening.

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3 Responses to Italy, il bel paese

  1. Anne says:

    “the first knob provides condoms” ROFL

  2. Kay Sexton says:

    No aspirins? It can’t be a truly bumpy night unless you need condoms, nicotine AND painkillers, surely? And like Anne, I had a titter at ‘first knob’.

  3. You won’t believe this, Anne, but I didn’t notice the double entendre, which says a lot for my linguistic sensitivity at the monent…Hi Kay. I quite agree, but Italians still don’t drink quite as much as we northern Europeans tend to do, and I’ve never felt that a dope hangover quite lived up to its name…

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