In the bin

I’ve just found out that Little Monsters was shortlisted by the Waterstones Book Circle as one of its February choices. It didn’t win – Chris Cleave did – but it does mean that some branches will pop an extra sticker on the cover, which is no bad thing – rather like Boy Scout badges (I imagine: they wouldn’t have me). The book will also be in a special Book Circle bin. Better than that other bin.

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4 Responses to In the bin

  1. I am VERY glad it isnt going in the other bin. Congrats Charles… ‘Shortlised for the book of the month!’ has a ring to it.Vx

  2. John Self says:

    I have read both books and for Cleave’s to be picked over yours is a crime against literature.

  3. I’m touched, John. Thank you so much. I’m sure literature will survive with you around to defend it!

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