First official sighting

Not quite the first sighting of Little Monsters with its 3for2 sticker proudly displayed in the bottom right-hand corner, but the first to be substantiated by a photograph. Here I am, snuggling up to David Leavitt, with Jeffrey Eugenides obliquely at my feet and an intriguing book that appears to have a large hole cut out of it just above my head. Elsewhere, I’ve heard, I’m bang up against La Petite Anglaise. Hmm.

This comes, courtesy of Charlie Bulbeck, from the Bristol branch of Waterstone’s. Thank you, Charlie!
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6 Responses to First official sighting

  1. David Isaak says:

    The book above your head is Bernhard Schlink’s “Homecoming.” And, no, I haven’t read it. But it’s supposed to be quite good.Congrats on being on the 3-for-2 table–though why we writers are always so pleased by being discounted causes me some cognitive idssonance.

  2. Thanks, David, I should have recognised it, but I’d completely forgotten the title…Yes, when I told my mother the book was a 3for2 she gave me a worried smile, and confessed to my sister later that she couldn’t understand why I was so pleased to be ‘marked down’.

  3. Tyla says:

    3-for-2 of anything would be great right now. Congratulations!

  4. John Self says:

    Hm, that Schlink is a good cover design. But I wonder if it only works from that angle?

  5. I’ll be back in England in a week’s time, John, so I’m looking forward to finding out. And, of course, to seeing myself on the table…

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