Reading group? Listen up!

If you’re a member of a reading group, or would like to set one up, or know anyone who’s already a member of a reading group, or think your next-door neighbour may once have belonged to a reading group, or have recently overheard someone on the bus talking about a reading group and think she may be traceable if only by her Yogi Bear and Booboo earrings, or… well, that’s it. I just wanted to let you know that Picador, in its infinite wisdom and generosity, is offering a sizeable discount on the paperback of LITTLE MONSTERS for, er, reading groups. End of promotional message. Back to work.

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6 Responses to Reading group? Listen up!

  1. Ms Baroque says:

    Charles, I was going to email you but I’ll leave it as a comment! As you know, I got Little Monsters for my best friend for Christmas. Well, we didn’t exchange gifts till yesterday for a variety of reasons, so I just gave it to her. Her response was one of joy unbounded because she had seen it, and wanted it, and wanted to read it – so she’s delighted! And she had no idea we were friends. And she’s in a reading group. And she’s going to recommend it. Yay!

  2. Well, Ms B., this is exactly the kind of response I was hoping for as I keyed in my sad but heartfelt plea for greater attention. I couldn’t be happier! And what discerning friends you have!

  3. Anne Brooke says:

    Ooh, that sounds good. Do you know how long the discount applies for? As we’ve already got our reading group Spring programme – but later in the year we’ll be looking at our summer one …Axxx

  4. I’m not sure how long it lasts, but Amazon and Book Depository both give the same, or an even bigger, discount, so I wouldn’t worry too much!

  5. Kay Sexton says:

    Hmmm, I shan’t be back with my book group until May or June, because I’m teaching on the day we meet (sob!) but I shall definitely add you to our suggestion list. We have to vote on books to select … no white smoke though!

  6. Ms Baroque says:

    Of course it goes without saying, but I forgot to be explicit about the fact that my best friend had been coveting the book after seeing it in a SHOP. Yay!

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