Happy birthday, dear blog

I shouldn’t get too sentimental about this, but today is my blog’s second birthday. It’s been an eventful two years for me, with publications and so on, and my blog’s been beside me all the way, making useful suggestions, cheering me up when I’m down, calming me down when I’m a little too up. It’s made me laugh more than once, and cry as well. It’s introduced me to many new friends, and reunited me with old ones (I know, Nigel, I’m mortified, be patient a little longer), and I’m grateful for that. It hasn’t always been sensible, or wise, but you expect the very young to embarrass themselves, and their parents, occasionally. So let’s wish it more of the same, and more of whatever more there is.

(It isn’t great but this is the only cake I could find for a second birthday. Apart from one with boobs, which just didn’t feel right, somehow.)
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6 Responses to Happy birthday, dear blog

  1. Rob Spence says:

    Happy Birthday! Many happy returns etc!I raise my virtual glass to you- not Italian sadly, but a robust Spanish red.

  2. Nik's Blog says:

    Happy birthday, blog! Here’s to many more.Nik

  3. Chancelucky says:

    Happy blogday Charles!

  4. Thanks a lot! (On my blog’s behalf, naturally…)

  5. Kay Sexton says:

    Happy birthday Blog! Does it have a name of its own, or is it your web based Dorian Gray?

  6. It’s more Mini Me than Dorian Grey, Kay, not least because it’s aging just as rapidly, and inexorably, as I am…

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