Dropping in at Edge Hill

The penultimate leg of my Something Rich and Strange tour can be found at Rob Spence’s blog, Topsyturvydom. Rob, for those of you who don’t know, is a proud Mancunian, a lecturer in English literature at Edge Hill University and, with Ailsa Cox, the editor of 21: A Journal of Contemporary and Innovative Fiction, and I’m honoured to be invited. In the interview, we chat about genre, craft and what exile might involve. Talking about my story collection, The Scent of Cinnamon, Rob comments: 

If anything is going to restore the popularity of short fiction in this country, it must be the publication of stories such as these, by turns humorous, surreal, disturbing, but always memorable.” 

His last words, which I wholeheartedly endorse, are these: 

“Now, gentle reader, buy the book! “

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2 Responses to Dropping in at Edge Hill

  1. Rob Spence says:

    Thanks, Charles, and thanks again foe inviting me to be your genial host.

  2. It was my pleasure, Rob.

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