Update from the very dark cave

According to a story in today’s Sun, a woman in Britain who’s been told that her unborn child has one body but two heads – an extreme example of conjoined twins -has decided to go ahead with the pregnancy. She’s a ‘staunch’ Catholic, apparently, which gives her the right to do what she wants with her body, while denying it to everyone else. She’s also unmarried, and appears to have no intention of marrying her partner, also Catholic and clearly from somewhere very close to her in the local gene pool, but hey, nobody’s perfect. Why embrace an entire religion when you can cherry-pick? Besides, where’s the money in marriage?

On a slightly lighter note, increasing numbers of god-fearing Christians in Texas are putting the fun back into fundamentalism by attending cowboy churches. Around ten percent of baptisms in the state are now conducted by men in chaps and stetsons. And that’s not all. According to the MSNBC report:

At a recent Sunday morning service at the Cowboy Church of Ellis County, the Rev. Jess McCabe, a visiting pastor, held up different sizes of deer antlers to illustrate his sermon about how people grow as Christians.

“That’s one thing about cowboy church — we all got room to grow,” McCabe told the congregation with a smile.

Well, hi ho, Silver!

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