Seventeen years

Earlier this year I wrote a brief post about a man called Giuliano Ferrara. Ferrara really isn’t that interesting, except as an over-exposed example of chronic brown-nosing that would take some beating even in Italy, and I wouldn’t bring him up again if I didn’t have good reason, believe me. But I mentioned the grotesque buffoon at the time because of his typically vulgar reaction to a court decision to allow Beppino Englaro to finally cease the forced nutrition and hydration of his daughter, Eluana, after seventeen years in a state of vegetative coma. That was 15 July.

Five months later, Eluana Englaro continues to have food and water pumped into her, against the wishes of her family and against the expressed wishes of Eluana herself, when she was in a position to express wishes. During these five months, Beppino Englaro has been forced to negotiate an obstacle course of such deliberate, appalling cruelty, masterminded by the Vatican and with the all-too-willing connivance of its representatives in the Italian government, on both sides of the political divide, if such a distinction makes sense any longer in a country in which the most basic democratic rules are flouted daily. A campaign designed to prolong the agony of a man whose only interest is his daughter, supported by some of the worst Italy and the catholic church has to offer, from Ratzinger to Binetti to Ferrara and their merry gang of fundamentalist hypocrites. The final straw came yesterday, after the Supreme Court had, once again, given the go-ahead for treatment to be stopped. Minister of Welfare, Maurizio Sacconi*, ex-socialist and with the moral apparatus of a sea-urchin, announced that government funding would be withdrawn from any clinic that dared put the court ruling into practice. This was greeted by some cardinal whose name I can’t be bothered to look for as “a reasonable and sensible decision”, immediately making him a candidate for slow rotting in his own hell. 

The latest news is that, after having sought legal advice, a clinic in Udine is prepared to, finally, satisfy the wishes of Eluana and her father, with a team of anonymous volunteers taking medical responsibility. 

*Sacconi’s wife, in the meantime, is president of Farmindustria, the association that protects the interest of the pharmaceutical industry.
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3 Responses to Seventeen years

  1. IZ says:

    Hi Charles. Nothing to add, just my thanks and that you might like this friend of mine’s blog: Ciao.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Isa. I wonder how much longer this awful tale can drag on. I see today that pro-lifer and undersecretary at the ministry of welfare, Eugenia Roccella, “respects the pain and human tragedy of the Englaro family.” Funny way of showing it…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good to know that in the last years since the election of Ratzinger the vivits to Vatican to see the Pope has fallen down a million people, as far as the news say…I think (or well i hope) in some years there will be a change of some kind in the catholic churchFrancesco

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