Last blast before Christmas

John Self has done my Something Rich and Strange virtual book tour proud on his Asylum blog, where I rub shoulders with some of my favourite writers, such as James Kelman and, barely a spit away, Penelope Fitzgerald. It’s thrilling to see his critical eye turn its gaze my way. You can read his review of The Scent of Cinnamon, along with the interview, here. Among other things, he compares me – favourably – with Roald Dahl’s adult fiction and suggests that maybe you can have too much of a good thing…

This is my sixth Cyclone interview in six weeks and it’s to the credit of my interviewers and their fabulous questions that I continue to find myself with things to say, things I didn’t even know I knew until I was asked. This time I talk about the first story I ever wrote, and reflect, among other things, on why I’m still a child and why the idea of ‘community’ – as in gay or ex-pat – gets my goat…

Something Rich and Strange will be taking a short break to allow me to enjoy Christmas in a mindless, unexamined way, after which it kicks off once more, on 6 January with a visit to dovegreyreaderscribbles. See you there! (Don’t worry, I’ll still be around in the meantime, whining and so on. I’ll also be posting a review of a rather extraordinary book I’m nearing the end of at the moment. Only 250 pages to go…)
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2 Responses to Last blast before Christmas

  1. Ms Baroque says:

    Oh my God! 250 pages to go is near the end?? Is it the Bible?

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