Cyclone tour: stage four

My Something Rich and Strange virtual book tour, to celebrate the publication of The Scent of Cinnamon and Other Stories, goes from strength to strength. This week’s event is hosted by Jim at Jockohomo Datapanik and it’s a corker. I talk about the gay aspects of the collection, something that hasn’t really been touched on before. If you want to know what turned me on as a teenager, and what turns me on now as a reader, this is the place to go. Plus you’ll get the chance to explore Jim’s many other interests, which include, in his own words: Painting, making art, music, writing, design, bodybuilding, wrestling, new media, photography, sports, architecture, computers, technology, museums, food, travel, languages, lacrosse, mountain biking, film, Warhol, pop culture, op art, biceps, books and blogs +

He also has a dog called Sam.

Nest week, I’ll be dropping in on Vanessa Gebbie here. Don’t miss it.
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