Lessons in democracy

The Honourable Maurizio Ronconi, deputy for the UDC, just can’t stomach the victory of Vladimir Luxuria on Isola dei Famosi (more information about this can be found here). He says it’s ‘simply scandalous’ that state television should transform a transsexual into a national heroine. Rather worryingly for a man who’s been elected to parliament in a country that still claims to be a democracy, he doesn’t seem to have grasped the basic democratic notion that the person who gets the most votes gets the bacon. Even if he or she is an unsuitable model for young people, as Ronconi claims. So listen up, Maurizio. It wasn’t the naughty old disrespectful diseducational RAI that chose Vladimir, it was 56% of the voters who chose to invest a euro in choosing who’d win, whether or not they also pay their TV licence. This is how democracy works in the real world, Ronky, whatever might happen in the corridors of the UDC, so get used to it. One day you might also be exposed to a genuine popular vote. I can’t wait.

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