There’s an interesting piece on the Guardian books blog today about self-referential humour, triggered by a joke that turns out to be less lavatorial than one might expect. But it’s actually the comments that made me copy the link and post this. One of the commenters – freepoland – asks what the name is for a map that’s as big as the area it represents. 

This, spookily, quotes from a poem I wrote many years ago, which I’ll post here if anyone shows a jot of interest. (As if.) But the best thing is the answer, supplied by regular commenter BillyMills: Language.
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2 Responses to Stick

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please post the poem: Billym

  2. Well, you asked for it! See my latest post, entitled THE GOLDEN FLEECE. But you’ll have to read to the very end…And thanks for dropping in.

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