Ditching the bitch

This time PD senator Paola “Mrs Doubtfire” Binetti (see two posts down) really does seem to have gone too far. Following her comment that homosexuals couldn’t control their paedophilic instincts and were therefore disqualified from becoming priests, members of her centre-left party have called for her to be expelled. (Better late than never. If they’d done it two years ago we might, just might, have civil union legislation in place in Italy.) She’s going to be hauled up before an internal commission tomorrow and asked to explain herself. 

Binetti’s used to waffling on uninterrupted, under the assumption that religious bigotry has a sort of authority denied other forms of bullying, and can’t quite see what she’s done wrong. She’s apologised, after all, even though she has used the apology to repeat the slur. She even seems to think there’s some sort of scientific validity in what she says, although it wouldn’t matter if there weren’t because, well, she just know she’s right. She must be. She’s only repeating what the pope says, after all. And he’s always right. Why? Because he says he is. That’s what infallibility’s all about.
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4 Responses to Ditching the bitch

  1. Mmnn, a disturbing glimpse into Italian politics!

  2. What’s really disturbing is that it’s actually the spillover from Vatican politics. It’s the same kind of confusion between church and state that’s poisoned US politics… Ah well, fingers crossed for tomorrow!

  3. Sweetie says:

    Here we go now!!! Tomorrow I am going to the polls to vote with Austin, who turned 18 on October 31st. He has been listening, weighing, thinking….YES!!!Miss you!

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