An expert speaks

I’ve had occasion in the past to talk about Paola Binetti, Democratic Party (PD) senator here in Italy, and the prime mover in blocking civil union legislation during Prodi’s ill-fated government. Well, after a period of relative silence, during which she was presumably adjusting her self-mortification equipment in the privacy of her own monastic (nunnistic?) cell, she’s back and talking more rot than ever. Commenting on the recent announcement that the Vatican would screen potential priests to exclude those with “deeply rooted homosexual tendencies” (as opposed to the shallow, frivolous, Kylie-loving, Prada-wearing kind), she told yesterday’s Corriere della Sera that “deeply rooted homosexual tendencies presuppose the presence of an instinct that may become uncontrollable. This is where the risk of paedophilia springs from.” She also thinks that heterosexual paedophilia is far less common than the deeply rooted homosexual kind. How much longer is this woman going to be allowed to spew forth such pernicious hate-filled nonsense without being expelled from the PD? Yes, I realise how sadly rhetorical this question is, but if you’d like to make things at least a little hot for her, one thing you can do is join the Facebook group asking for her removal. 

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2 Responses to An expert speaks

  1. Kay Sexton says:

    Well, unable to read a word of the group’s purpose, I trusted blindly to your own expertise and joined. Stupid women seem to be in the ascendant politically – why, when there are so few chances for astute women to be taken seriously?

  2. It might be because astute women are aware that things simply aren’t that simple. The women who think like men, in the most banal sense, tend to be more successful…

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