Credit crunch

Near the bottom of this blog on the right, you’ll find a widget that tells you how much the blog is ‘worth’. Now, I don’t want to get into just what’s meant by ‘worth’, in this context or any other, but it’s interesting to see that the financial crisis of the last couple of weeks has had its effect. My blog used to be worth $10,161.72. Now it’s plummeted to a mere $9,597.18. What have I been doing wrong? And how do I get my hands on what’s left?

if you want to see how much your blog – or indeed, anybody’s blog – is worth, click here.
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2 Responses to Credit crunch

  1. Sarah Salway says:

    Intriguing. How on earth do they do the figures? And so quickly too! But yes, like you I want the money.

  2. I have absolutely no idea, but I keyed in a couple of other blogs and one of them was worth half a million while the other registered zero…

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