Croatia. The Mediterranean as it once was?

Thinking of going to Croatia on holiday? Read this piece by Diamond Walid and see if you fit into the rather narrow range of sexual and racial acceptability demanded by Croatian youths on the lookout for victims (you know, the kind that ‘ask for it’). If you do, think about whether you want to have a holiday in a place where the range matters.  If you don’t, think twice.

Croatia is 90% catholic. Nice one, Ratzy.
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2 Responses to Croatia. The Mediterranean as it once was?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, of course we are all like that in Croatia. And it is a very specific sport that we have.And it is a thing that doesn’t happen absolutely nowhere else in the world except in Croatia….Come on…..

  2. You’re absolutely right to say that homophobia isn’t restricted to Croatia. I only wish it was. But the indifference of the police force to the kind of violence described in the cited article is particularly worrying. Still, it’s good to know that there are Croatians like you who are prepared to combat hate crimes and stand up for minority groups that run the risk of victimisation. Well done.

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