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Days in England

What I should be doing now is telling you all about my last week in England, as I promised. And since should is the governess of will, to coin a phrase, that’s exactly what I’ll do. It all started off … Continue reading

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Paul Newman

Paul Newman set the standard for me, in so many ways. I don’t know if it’s true that, after Butch Cassidy and The Sting, he wanted to do The Front Runner with Redford, with himself as the coach and Redford … Continue reading

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Ride The Word III

More about this later. Pazienza…

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Proud father examines The Scent of Cinnamon

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Lies, lies and more lies

And talking of Sarah Palin… You can see the interview this comes from here. What’s hilarious is that McCain implies that it was fine for him to use the lipstick on a pig metaphor, but not fine for Obama to … Continue reading

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Very important people

Silvio Berlusconi will be making a state visit to George Bush mid-October to discuss world affairs. I don’t know who’s most likely to benefit from this, given that one is totally discredited at home and abroad, while the other has … Continue reading

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A couple of nights ago, while reporting in its usual brown-nosing way on Ratzinger’s visit to France, Italy’s TG2, the state-run evening news programme, talked about the ‘appearance’ of the Madonna at Lourdes. Except that, the way it was said, … Continue reading

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Italian actress, comedian and satirist Sabina Guzzanti‘s in trouble. The last time old broom (read: Berlusconi) swept clean (read: ensure that all critical voices on state television had their contracts pulled from under them) she must have been on sabbatical … Continue reading

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Moi Soleil

I haven’t got a lot of time for Jeff Koons. After all, he ruined the reputation of Cicciolina, a perfectly respectable hard-working pornostar-cum-politician in the pre-Berlusconi days when politics in Italy was a serious matter. But I can’t see what’s … Continue reading

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No, you can’t

Read this hilarious post from Jesus’ General, which would be even funnier if it were satire rather than the simple truth. Here’s a taste to get you in the mood: No, you queers can’t have equality at work or in … Continue reading

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