Ride The Word III

More about this later. Pazienza…

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3 Responses to Ride The Word III

  1. Frank says:

    Far too good to wait for! It was a really good reading and chance to catch up with old pals of Charles, some of whom have aged far too well for my liking… Still, they must have an absolutely pestilential portrait in the attic.Well done Charles and here’s to the scent of cash tills for your tales.Frank

  2. Hi Charlesit was a delight to meet you finally, and to have a chance to talk at Borders and afterwards at the pub. Your story was just great, and I am looking forward to the rest of the collection.v bestVanessa

  3. Thanks, Frank. Yes, other people’s failure to lose their teeth and hair is a bit galling, isn’t it? As you’ll see I’ve used your photo on another post. Naturally, I’ll pay you royalties…And it was a delight to meet you too, Vanessa! I hope you enjoy the stories…

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