Moi Soleil

I haven’t got a lot of time for Jeff Koons. After all, he ruined the reputation of Cicciolina, a perfectly respectable hard-working pornostar-cum-politician in the pre-Berlusconi days when politics in Italy was a serious matter. But I can’t see what’s so shocking about the idea that Versailles should hold a show of his work. It’s exactly the sort of high-level overpriced trash that places like Versailles, and indeed the whole concept of ‘royalty’, feed on. At least it’s honest OTT vulgarity with no artistic worth or intrinsic value. Not like the dreadful would-be classical pseudo-rusticated tosh our own royal family seems to prefer when it’s forced to think about art rather than horses. The Sun King wouldn’t have minded, if he’d had an ounce of sense. I like to think he’d have recognised a kindred spirit. So why should anyone else? 

You can find out more about it here. I’m planning to visit Versailles myself in a few weeks’ time, so I’ll be able to let you know what it’s actually like to see Michael Jackson and Bubbles in the great one’s bedroom.
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