Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain: Wuthering Heights
If you’ve never heard these people , as I hadn’t before today, go straight to Youtube – and I mean this very minute – and see what else they’ve done. They’re fantastic. And if you have heard them, why didn’t you tell me? What kind of friend are you?
And here’s a picture of them. And if you want to know more, go here. This is what friends are for.

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10 Responses to Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain: Wuthering Heights

  1. Rob Spence says:

    Yes, couldn’t agree more. I discovered them a few weeks ago via a programme on radio 4. Going to see them in December- tickets selling fast!

  2. Kay Sexton says:

    Mea culpa – I’ve heard them live! They are wonderful: accessible, clever, talented, humorous, and yet somehow esoteric and full of musical jokes that you don’t know you’re clever enough to get until you ‘get’ them. This is a serious contribution to the world of eccentric genius, and it’s an ensemble to boot.

  3. Shame on you, Kay! You can make up for it by becoming a fan of mine on Facebook – how cheap (and easy) is that?!I would love to see them in December, Rob, or any other time. Maybe a concert of theirs will coincide with a visit of mine. Or maybe someone will have the intelligence to hire them for a concert in Rome one day…

  4. Rob Spence says:

    Charles – they’re doing a show in Austria…Full list at'll find you on Facebook too if I may.

  5. Be my guest, Rob. I looked for you, as a matter of fact, but you were legion… (well, three, at least)

  6. Rob Spence says:

    Well, now you can link up since I’m on your page – and see that I posted the Uke Orch’s video of Wuthering Heights some weeks ago. Caught a little of a dramatisation of the novel on BBC7 at some ungodly hour this morning, and couldn’t take it seriously because I had the UOGB in my head.

  7. Sweetie says:

    I enjoyed this very much! But…what are they saying??!!

  8. Ms Baroque says:

    Charles, Charles, Charles, from the bottom of me heart, thank you. I saw these people on Jools Holland ages ago, but now something’s changed, I – I think I’m in love…

  9. Ms Baroque says:

    Actually, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. I’ve done a post of my own. You didn’t know about my love-hate thing with this song? Ah, well let me tell you…

  10. Sweetie, where do I start?I’m on my way, Ms Baroque, toot sweet as they say in Yorkshire…

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