Word cloud

Call me a copycat, but after seeing one of these on Baroque in Hackney and The Truth About Lies, I couldn’t resist. This is the word cloud, made by Wordle, for The Scent of Cinnamon:

And this is the word cloud for Little Monsters:

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2 Responses to Word cloud

  1. Jim Murdoch says:

    So I guess the gist of The Scent of Cinnamon is:Joseph is married to Miriam and they live in a town house with a dog named Jasper who likes to sleep behind the broken cart at the side of the house. They have a dear friend by the name of Rev Broderick Payne who lives one across from them in a farm. Miriam was a beautiful woman with a small waist, white hair and two kind eyes. One day, when she was alone, Miriam looked and saw a man on a horse across from the harbour. The horse had no saddle and the man was carrying two suitcases. The man raised his hat and asked Miriam her name, then gave her a letter and rode away. When he had gone she looked at the letter in her hands and imagined all sorts of things. She took a moment and then read it. It said:Dear MiriamI have just come back from across the sea. I have been to a very strange place. Here is a photograph which I hope you would be so kind as to allow me to present to you and Joseph.SincerelyRev BroderickMiriam stood there for a moment and then sat down and looked at the photograph. She had to shade he eyes though from the morning sun. It was a picture of the reverend stood beside a large pile of spices with a flask in his arms and a rose in his hair. She scratched her head. It was hard to believe he’d sent them this.She decided to go home to write a reply. As she walked home her dog jumped up and leaped over the fence to greet her. It was going to be a strange day.

  2. This is eerily close, Jim, and yet different enough to make reading the story absolutely worthwhile. Honestly.

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