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OK, if you visit Joe.My.God, you’ll know I found this there. And even if you don’t, you know it now. How self-defeating can language be? Don’t worry. Enjoy. It was made by Kirby Ferguson.

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It looks as though Little Monsters will be appearing as an an e-book in September. I wouldn’t have been as pleased about this if I hadn’t just read this article, found through Maud Newton’s excellent blog, which suggests that sales … Continue reading

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Me, me, me, a whole book of me

Some very good news. The enterprising, innovative and discerning Salt Publishing will be bringing out a collection of my short fiction later this year. The collection will contain a few stories you may have read, plus lots you haven’t (unless … Continue reading

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An abomination unto the Lord

The Vatican, alas, has no monopoly in fomenting hatred against homosexuality. Iris Robinson, member of parliament for the DUP and wife of Northern Ireland’s first minister Peter Robinson, also has strong views. According to Northern Ireland’s first lady is … Continue reading

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Today’s online Guardian has a thing about films of superheroes. It’s not particularly illuminating but it does have this wonderful picture, which I really need to share with you.It comes from the original version of The Fantastic Four, made in … Continue reading

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Yum Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move LessI love this. From the Onion.

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Postscript to postscript

Sorry about this – and believe me, I really am trying to move on – but I was so appalled by this example of partisan journalism, in a country that knows little else, that I felt I had to share … Continue reading

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Ave Hitler

Now that the catholic church has got a government prepared to present its belly to the clerical boot without any questions being asked, this photograph is a useful reminder of another epoch in which the interests of church and state … Continue reading

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Pride postscript

I forgot to mention that Rome council’s decision to forbid Gay Pride to wind up in Piazza San Giovanni looked more and more like an own goal yesterday afternoon. San Giovanni’s bigger than Piazza Navona, but it’s also well off … Continue reading

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Moments of pride

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