Indecent? No, too much salt…

This is the Heinz ad you won’t be seeing on television, because 200 people complained, so you may as well see it here. (This is four times the number of people who complained about Joan Rivers calling Russell Crowe a ‘fucking shit’ on Loose Women. Make of this what you will, but Loose Women is daytime TV and Heinz ads are on every fucking hour of the day.)
Hmm. I’m not totally happy about ‘Mum’.

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5 Responses to Indecent? No, too much salt…

  1. Lally says:

    Man, I can’t even imagine that commercial even being made here (the U.S.), let alone airing for people to have the opportunity to object to it. Though I can see the rightwingers using it this election campaign as a sign of where the U.S. will end up if we ever have universal healthcare ala England (not because there would be any logical connection, of course, but because it all serves their purpose of showing that “the liberal elite” is taking us down the road to hell, or hellish images (for them) in the “media.”

  2. It’s been a total PR disaster for Heinz. They’ve upset the wingnuts by showing it, and upset gays by taking it off. It’s a total fuck-up and the only way they could redeem themselves is by showing it constantly, proudly, everywhere in the world. I bet it would go down fabulously in, say, Zimbabwe or Nigeria…The irony is that Dolce and Gabbana had some same-sex kissing on an ad last year. You saw the kiss in the UK (although not in Italy) and I didn’t hear about any complaints. But touch the family…

  3. Ms Baroque says:

    I thought it was cute. Funny. (& sorry hon, the humour does reside in Mum becoming a New York deli guy…) After all the build-up I was expecting a lot more kissing! Very disappointing all round. Why are we so timid.

  4. Yes, I’m hoping the next round of Heinz ads will include a practice I was introduced to a couple of evenings ago called ‘pot shots’, where someone sucks a shot of alcohol from the navel of someone lying on the table: in this particular case, the shot was limoncello – a nasty sweet lemon-based liqueur – and the pot belonged to a startled but more than willing waiter. (No, I didn’t do it myself, I was just watching.) I’m thinking ketchup…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE THIS BLOGGER!!! KEEP Rubbing that talk into their faces. Add some Mexican RE-FRIED beans to that smack & Baddboyfilms will back

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