Raw vegans get rickets. Dog bites man.

As I continue to enjoy – and lose weight on – my protein-based diet, may I gloat, just a little, at this news?

Thank you.

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2 Responses to Raw vegans get rickets. Dog bites man.

  1. David Isaak says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian since 1969, and that works okay–as long as you get plenty of protein.Being a vegan poses some challenges.Being a raw vegan is just plain idiotic. Especially when, as in the case of the family in that article, you are eating things like raw soybeans. Uncooked soybeans are downright dangerous.(And all the studies they’ve done show that to lose fat without losing muscle, high-protein diets work best…)

  2. Yes, this story is really about how much cranky parents endanger the lives of their children. There have been a couple of cases in Italy recently where parents have adopted for ‘alternative’ cures for their kids, only to see them die weeks later. And then there’s the Fred Phelps approach to raising a rounded healthy child.PS You realised this was simply a pro-Atkins post disguised as something else!PPS I didn’t see you as a vegetarian. Interesting. And obviously my problem.

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