Postscript to postscript

Sorry about this – and believe me, I really am trying to move on – but I was so appalled by this example of partisan journalism, in a country that knows little else, that I felt I had to share it. For those among you who don’t speak Italian, the irate young man in a suit at the beginning of the piece isn’t one of the spotty fascists (from Casa Pound, god help us) who tried to disrupt the march last Saturday, but a frustrated groom. He was supposed to be getting married in Via dei Fori Imperiali, but couldn’t get the car to the church. Authorisation had been granted months before, he said. Sound familiar? Right! If the council had respected the authorisation it gave to Gay Pride months before, he wouldn’t have found his wedding delayed. Odd that no one in the studio thought of pointing this out.

The skinny bint playing nervously with her pen in the rest of the piece is Carfagna. You may not have recognised her with her clothes on. She’s talking about sobriety and stuff like that, but I won’t bother you any more with her silliness. We’ve all heard enough from Carfagna for one government.

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3 Responses to Postscript to postscript

  1. Anonymous says:

    A legal march takes place through the centre of Rome (with hundreds of thousands of people) and what is the RAI angle? That it’s us stopping ‘normal’ people from getting married …

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