Ave Hitler

Now that the catholic church has got a government prepared to present its belly to the clerical boot without any questions being asked, this photograph is a useful reminder of another epoch in which the interests of church and state also appeared to coincide.

(I wouldn’t have felt the need to post this rather snippy comment if I hadn’t just heard Minister for Equal Opportunities Mara Carfagna (see topless photo here) explain why Rome, as the heart of Christianity, isn’t an appropriate venue for Gay Pride. Maybe someone should tell her that it was also home to Julius Caesar, Petronius, Hadrian, etc. But why bother? Why tell the monkey what the organ grinder already knows?)

Thanks to Marisacat for the photo.

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2 Responses to Ave Hitler

  1. Pawel says:

    and how many popes enjoyed the company of young men in bed… something to check..:)ps. did you hear benedict wants to make pope pius who reined during ww2 a saint? mhmm

  2. Yes, the sexual history of the papacy is littered with rentboys. Just look at the lovely Georg right now…

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