Latest sighting of Little Monsters

On a more cheerful note than the one struck by the previous post, here’s a photograph from Foyle’s, Charing Cross, London, UK (Europe, the World, the Solar System, the Universe… Remember?). Little Monsters is now a highlight! And just look what it’s rubbing shoulders with (so to speak). Wilbur Smith! Chuck Palahnuik! Nick Hornby! Will Self! What an explosion of testosterone on three small shelves; it’s the kind of display you could find yourself pregnant from just by brushing lightly up against, handbag in hand, assuming it didn’t kick your head in first. (I could have expressed that more elegantly but concentrated male hormones often discombobulate my prepositions.) I only hope Carol survives the onslaught.

All that’s missing is one of those enticing Three Quid Off stickers on the front cover, which all the others seem to have. Hmm.

(Thanks, as ever, to Jane and her roving mobile.)

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