The Last Shadow Puppets: My Mistakes Were Made For You

This is very exciting. Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys teams up with Miles Kane of the Rascals. They’ve called themselves The Last Shadow Puppets and made an album – The Art of the Understatement – which, judging from this song and the title track, is a weird and hypnotic mixture of the Walker Brothers, Morricone and the inimitable Alex Turner himself. You can find out more about it here. You probably know all this already, but I can’t resist telling you again..

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2 Responses to The Last Shadow Puppets: My Mistakes Were Made For You

  1. Erin O'Brien says:

    Very nice, but my lord they look young!

  2. They are. My god, they are. They’re so young they’re still in that sort of larval state, with no features to distinguish one from the other… You should see the video of their single. They’re walking across an airfield in some unidentified East European state and it’s like a trick with mirrors. I think they’re fabulous.

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