Adult content

You may have noticed a new widget called Entrecredits appear on the right hand side of this blog, down near the ‘translator’. In my insane desire to increase my readership and eventually dominate the world, I sign up to pretty much anything which might help, even when I’m not clear how. Unfortunately, I’ve just heard from Entrecard, the people responsible for the widget, that my account has been suspended because they don’t allow sites with adult content to take part. Adult content? They must mean Berlusconi’s humble todger. They surely can’t be referring to the man himself.

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4 Responses to Adult content

  1. I don’t know, Charles…. I’m still recovering from the fact that I’ve even SEEN his todger, thanks to you; so you can imagine what might happen if someone innocent (that is, not I) were to come across it, all unawares.

  2. Well, you might be right… Still, however shocking it might be, it’s better than looking at the man’s arrrogant self-satsified grin, which is what we’ll be doing for the next few years…

  3. Kay Sexton says:

    Hilarious – it’s the first time I’ve seen a man’s penis actually trying to crawl inside itself so as not to be associated with its owner!

  4. One Italian in three is trying to crawl up there with it. Now there’s an adult image…

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