… where I am. I’m sitting at a Mexican desk with the sun pouring in to my right. I can see palms from the window, a lemon tree in the neighbour’s garden, reddish roof tiles, blue sky. There may be jackrabbits in the garden. My eyes are tired from being awake too long in recycled air. I’m feeling very relaxed and happy. I have a Glenn Campbell hookline running incessantly through my head. The picture may help.

If you know, don’t tell.
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4 Responses to Guess…

  1. Ms Baroque says:

    NO, no, no, no, no no no no no!!!Oh, God. I’m so jealous. Well, have a great time then, & toss us some virtual lemons…xxx

  2. maika says:

    I’m jealous too !!!!!

  3. One virtual lemon coming your way!(And one for you too!)You’re both right to be jealous… But, beliver me, we deserve it!

  4. ‘Beliver’ (see above) should have been ‘believe’. It’s the jet lag talking… and the American keyboard… Oh shit, I’ve given it away!

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