Used already!

The first second hand copy of Little Monsters to appear on the market can now be obtained from Loch Croispol Bookshop, the most north-westerly bookshop on the UK mainland, in the remote village of Durness. It’s a bound proof and should never have been sold, but let’s not make a fuss about it. It’s priced in dollars ($3.06) and you can buy it here.

I wonder who could have flogged it. And for what? A cup of tea and a scone?

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2 Responses to Used already!

  1. Ms Baroque says:

    Not me, honey. I’m still trying to find time to read mine, but I will! Argh. What a life.

  2. I was just about to leave a long, articulate, reasoned comment to your latest post – all about how it’s infantile to imagine that all experience is useful – when Giuseppe came back from the ER where he’d been helping Toni,our local second-hand furniture dealer, cope with an attack of colic. Argh indeed. Don’t worry. You’ll get round to it. At this point, why not hang on for the real thing? It’s only 30 days away. (And there ain’t gonna be no launch. Sob. Unless you can make it to Rome. More news later….)

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