This could mean so many things. I don’t know. All buns bleed. Amanda’s bulging biceps. Avast brown bear. Able bodies burgeon. Alice B. Boklas. OK, OK. What it actually means is Anything But Blair. Valery Giscard D’Estaing and Edouard Balladur, two French politicians who’ve covered the waterfront, in Tennessee Williams’ memorable phrase, have been talking about the EU presidency and they point out that the ideal man, or woman, for the job should come from a country that’s firmly committed to the EU, has adopted the Euro as its currency, does not behave like an over-eager poodle whenever the US says yo and, er, doesn’t support the war in Iraq. I wonder who they could possibly not be referring to?

You can find more details in today’s Independent here.

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4 Responses to ABB

  1. Chancelucky says:

    Here I figured that Tony Blair had converted to Catholicism just enhance his candidacy for the EU presidency.

  2. Don’t even say it! Even Sarkozy was sucking up to B16 recently, although he did have Carla Bruni in tow. Still, divorce has never been a problem if you’re powerful enough (see Mother Teresa and Princess Diana). Blair’s conversion will certainly go down well in eastern Europe, but they already love him because they’re pro-NATO and pro-war. Do you know, I think he did it because he, well, just believes in it. He believes in transubstantiation and the virgin birth and the virginity of Mary’s mother. He believes in the Trinity and papal infallibility. Hey, maybe he really did believe in those weapons of mass destruction!Plus he’s attracted to the bling of catholicism. It’s just so much glitzier than any other faith.

  3. David Isaak says:

    We tried that acronym out over here in 2004 as Anybody But Bush.Didn’t work too well…

  4. Let’s hope Europe has more luck…

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